This app was developed by the Bioinformatics Core of Cancer Research Uk Cambridge Institute to accompany a training course. On the course webpage you will find lecture notes from the course and practical exercises that use this app Introduction to Statistical Analysis

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The boxplot and histogram of the data are shown below

Basic Summary


Two sample test

            If you have chosen a Parametric test, the comparison of the calculated test-statistic to the reference distribution will be shown here

F test for differences in variance

F test to compare the variances of two samples from normal populations WARNING: Please use the result of this test with caution. Sometimes you can better judge differences in variance by inspecting the data distribution


R Script

You will be able to re-run this analysis in R by downloading the R code below We recommend RStudio to run the R code and compile a pdf or HTML report that will show the results of your analysis along with the code used
The input file that you are analysing must be in your R working directory in order for the script to run In order to compile the report in RStudio, you will need to install the tidyverse package install.packages('tidyverse'))

Download R Script

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